Solstice of Foundations 2019

Welcome to Solstice of Foundations, a summer school on quantum foundations hosted by ETH Zurich and Squid.  It provides a solid introduction to current approaches and problems within foundations, and is tailored for junior researchers entering the field, like masters and PhD students.

The summer school is followed by a workshop on the interface between mathematical physics and quantum information theory, hosted by SwissMap.

Important dates

  • Student support application deadline: 30th of April 2019, AoE  (notification: 7th of May).
  • Registration deadline: 30th of May 2019, AoE.
  • Summer school: 17th-21st of June 2019.
  • SwissMap workshop Mathematical Physics meets Quantum Information: 24th-28th June 2019 (registration to open soon).


Lectures and programme

Monday, 17th

  • Valerio Scarani, University of Singapore – Bell non-locality and applications
  • Thomas Galley, Perimeter Institute, Canada – Deriving quantum postulates from principles
  • Welcome reception

Tuesday, 18th

  • Tony Short, University of Bristol, UK – Time in quantum mechanics
  • Ralph Silva, ETH Zürich, Switzerland – Pre- and post-selection
  • Sandu Popescu, University of Bristol, UK – Paradoxes in quantum theory

Wednesday, 19th

  • Mirjam Weilenmann, University of Vienna, Austria – Causality I: classical, quantum and post-quantum causality
  • V.Vilasini, University of York, UK – Causality II: different methods and applications
  • Social activities and school dinner

Thursday, 20th

  • Matthew Leifer, Chapman University, US – Interpretations of quantum theory
  • Matthew Pusey, University of Oxford, UK – Contextuality
  • Gilles Brassard, Université de Montréal, Canada – Could Einstein have been right? Quantum theory can be local and realist! [public lecture]

Friday, 21st

  • Markus Müller, University of Vienna, Austria – From observers to physics via information theory
  • Paolo Perinotti, University of Pavia, Italy – From cellular automata to relativity

The school starts on Monday at 8:30 and ends on Friday around 16:00.