Lectures and resources

The description of each lecture, lecture notes and links to videos and relevant literature are published here.

Lecture notes

  • GPTs and diagram theories, by John Selby (basics of diagramatic framework, stochastic theory, general probabilistic theories): [lecture notes]
  • Non-locality, by Paul Skrzypczyk : [slides]
  • Epistemic theories, by Matt Leifer: [slides]
  • Universality, by Gemma de las Cuevas: [part 1] [part 2]
  • Quantum programming for foundations in ProjectQ, by Damien Nguyen and Nuriya Nurgalieva: [thought experiments] [intro ProjectQ]
  • Contextuality, by David Schmid: [slides]
  • QIT techniques in foundations, by Vicky Wright: [part 1 (slides)] [part 2 (notes)]
  • Quantum reference frames, by Esteban Castro Ruiz: [lecture notes] [list of references]
  • Quantum linguistics, by Konstantinos Meichanetzidis: [slides]

Note: not all lecturers will be able to provide typed lecture notes. We will upload here all available material.