Event venue: ETHZ HG, Raemistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich

Lectures: Room D 1.2  Discussion rooms:  D 3.1, D 3.3, E 23

Where to eat

There are several canteens (and, contrary to popular belief, affordable eateries) close to the school. You can find a few suggestions on the map above.

Where to stay

Youth hostel

We made a mass booking of 50 beds at the Zurich Youth Hostel for the duration of the conference. To get one of the reserved beds or rooms, you have to book by email or telephone (+41 43 399 78 00) and mention the booking code “ETH-Foundations 2017″.
Prices per bed per night are CHF 43 in a 6-bed ensuite room (258 for the whole room), and 45.5 in a 4-bed ensuite room (182 for the room).


See here a list of hostels and other accommodation options in Zurich. Check also airbnb. Something else that works surprisingly often is to ask if there are any free rooms for the week on facebook groups like this one. You can coordinate with other attendees – start with our Facebook event. From there, emergent self-organization is very much encouraged!

What to bring

Swimwear and sunscreen: you can swim in the river and lake in Summer. There will be no organized event to take you swimming but we can let you know of the best spots. It may also be useful to
bring a small lock (as there are public lockers to keep your belongings), otherwise you can rent one.

Comfortable shoes, or lack thereof: We will be walking a lot for social events (as an alternative you can always take public transport, which in Zurich is quite idyllic). Zurich can also be nice for walking barefoot; obviously, we won’t take any responsibility for accidents.

Writing material: We will provide notepads and pens. The talks will be recorded.

Id: You can rent public bikes for free in the city by leaving some form of official id.

Juggling balls, drums, shadow puppets: Or whatever it is that folks of all walks of life do for fun at barbecues these days.