Foundations summer school

Despite there being a large community actively working on quantum foundations, and several specialized workshops for experts, there has been a lack of events directed at junior researchers entering the field, particularly in Europe. This summer school on quantum foundations comes to fill that gap, providing a solid introduction to different approaches and problems within foundations.

The school is mostly directed at PhD students and junior postdocs in quantum information and related fields who are interested on quantum foundations. Registration is also open to senior researchers, master students and others.

Confirmed lectures

Recommended reading

Our lecturers recommend the following resources in order to prepare to the summer school and get the basics of foundations.

  • Bell non-locality, a review by Nicolas Brunner, Daniel Cavalcanti, Stefano Pironio, Valerio Scarani and Stephanie Wehner.
  • No return to classical reality, a review by David Jennings and Matthew Leifer. Extra: a review on psi-ontology theorems by Matthew Leifer, “for masochistic students.”
  • Video recordings of the course on Foundations of Quantum Mechanics from Perimeter Institute. This lecture has been thought by different lecturers in different years; in reverse chronological order, you can watch the course as taught by Matthew Leifer, Lucien Hardy and Rob Spekkens Each version covers different topics, with some core overlap.

This list will be updated regularly.

Tentative schedule


On Tuesday evening, we will go to a forest hut for dinner. There will be fire and, with some luck, stars. More information will be published here in due time.